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one red paperclip

12 19, 2009

one red paperclip


July 12, 2005
A red paperclip

July 14, 2005
A fish-shaped pen
A hand-sculpted doorknob

July 25, 2005
A Coleman camp stove (with fuel)

September 24, 2005
A Honda generator

November 16, 2005
An "instant party": an empty keg, an IOU for filling the keg with the beer of the holder's choice, and a neon Budweiser sign.(※1)

December 8, 2005
A Ski-Doo snowmobile
A two-person trip to Yahk, British Columbia, in February 2006

January 7, 2006
A cube van

February 22, 2006
A recording contract with Metalworks in Toronto

April 11, 2006
A year's rent in Phoenix, Arizona

April 26, 2006
One afternoon with Alice Cooper(※2)

May 26, 2006
A KISS motorized snow globe(※3)

June 2, 2006
A role in the film Donna on Demand

July 5, 2006
A two-story farmhouse in Kipling, Saskatchewan

(参考「Wikipedia『One red paperclip』」)

※1:「インスタントパーティー」と名づけられたセットの中身は、空の小さなビール樽、カイルさんと物々交換した相手から樽にお好みのビールを入れてもらえる権利、そして、バドワイザーのネオンサイン。IOUは、“I owe you.”を短くしたもの。



Riddle e-mail

12 04, 2009
Lauren, Daniell, Motty, Tracy, Me, ?, Taka, Matt, Peter, ?

My immediate superior was absent for a week last week because of flu. Now the ful has gone around...

Well, yesterday I got an e-mail from the trading company in Osaka who is in charge of Korean market. The subject of the e-mail is "Riddle".

What do you mean?
I thought so when I saw it. And I opened it.

The e-mail was written all in Hangul letters... Oh my God!!!

To be honest, I can read Hangul letters because it's so simple like Roman alphabet. But I don't understand it even if I can read.

Maybe, he, who is a department director and also graduated from my university, remembers talking with me last time about I was taking Korean in my university.

(Additional information is that he is bald enought to be expressed as octopus!)

Anyway, so I thought he was just putting me on.
Of course I had to use Excite translator to understand it.

The e-mail said
" Today I saw many invoices that you placed seals in my office. There were so many invoices that I was surprised. I guess they're hard works, aren't they?"

... What a no-meaning e-mail!??? I screamed in the office.
But I liked it. I liked that kind of funny & stupid things to enjoy boring works.

Rich strawberry

11 25, 2009
I love this. This tastes rich strawberry.

I got through a big meeting that kicks off the new project today. Although actually this is the beginning of the project but I got released a bit from pressure as a presenter. I'm drinking hi-ball now.

Much of what I stumbled into by following my curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless later on.
Steve Jobs

What we think about after ICS

11 15, 2009
Sausage bread

Animal bread

I went to a cooking school at 9:30 this morning. A teacher, who looks around 50 years old, was a sweet woman. The atmosphere during cooking was so slow & loose. I liked it. After cooking, we went to pipin cafe where you can go with your dog, actually we didn't have any dog or any animal, and talked a lot about us these days.

Apparently all of us are almost satisfied with private stuffs these days. Although we were complaining about several things, but we know we can enjoy spending our time doing a kind of stupid that we're interested in.

On the other hand, we are not satisfied with our jobs. Does everybody have this kind of dissacisfaction as below... ? We have to think more.

To be honest, have never felt that your job is interesting.

You are taking your eyes away from the fact that you're not satisfied with your job because your salary, the amount of days off, workload, human relationship, or atmosphere in your company are not so bad rather than we feel those are better than average.

Main job at a head quarters in Japan of Japanese manufacturer is "Adjustment". It is difficult to experience doing business on front line. It takes a long time to be on the front line due to the basis of seniority.

We are worried about our growth is much slower than people who have worked for three years belonging to venture companies or sales department.

Joining major company = Guaranteed lifetime employment
Is this a forepassed paradigm? If yes, being at where it's hard for you to improve your skill or career seems to be quite risky.

You cannot go forward unless you do what you had left to do. Also, you turned older, it would be harder for you to recover in terms of time constraint.

ICS(Inaba Cooking School) holds once two months. I hope this could be a good opportunity not only for improving cooking skill but also thinking of our career.

Autumn long night with Kingfisher

11 08, 2009

My superviser gave me a couple of cans of Kingfisher as an souvenir of his business trip in India, saying "The worst beer in the world". Apparently it is because water in India is not so good. But actually I like Kingfisher. Red label is 8% of alcohole. Green one is 5%. Kingfisher is a beer company at the same time is an airline company. They provide good service and foods with discount ticket. Flight attendants wear bright red uniform and miniskirt. Bunpei went to India. So did my sister last week.

Ha, I wanna fly to India.

Thinking of that kind of things, suddenly decided to go on a business trip to Sri Lanka. I don't know what it's like... well known as Ceylon tea, Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is a capital city, Bogala mine, pencil lead, or Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Actually garment accounts for NO.1 of export of Sri Lanka. There are some state-of-the-art garment factories. They have been quite advanced in terms of its scale and technique. But you can see elephants on the way to those factories. What a big gap between advanced technology and elephants in frond of factories... anyway I'm looking forward to seeing elephants. But my mission is a little bit tough this time. orz




Chocolate phone

11 08, 2009

I bought an chocolate phone about two years ago. Chocolate phone had been said to be very famous and popular one all over the world at that time. I thought its design is simple and cool. So I bought it. However usability of chocolate phone was too bad. Too slow response when you push touch panels on an above part of a phone. It has been often frastlating me. Besides, although I thought its design was so cool that it is popular worldwide, but it was not so popular in Japan... I guessed that Japanese people might not like electric appliances made by Korean manufacturers like LG or Samsung. Now I want i-phone as next one... because it enables me to watch youtube at anytime & anywhere. I think i-phone is one of truely ubiquitous items.

삼교푸살 맛있었다

10 31, 2009
korean2.jpg 삼교푸살 さむぎょぷさる

korea1.jpg 삼계탕 さむげたん

Bunpei came back to Nagoya on a business trip and we went to Korean restaurant last night. Foods there were so tasty especially 삼교푸살 and 삼계탕. A woman, is a staff there, was speaking a bit strange Japanaese and had strongly attractive personality.

Bunpei entered our company in 2007 and quit in May 2009 and now he works for his family business dealing with wood materials. Before he started his new job, He just went to Nepal, India and Greece as his honeymoon. (There were a custom that newly-married couple drinks honey-alchole beverage for 30 days (month=moon) after they get married.) He got a sick of stomach in Nepal and saw a doctor saying "It's already OK." and then he moved to Agra, India. However he got a pain again around his stomach in Agra and needed to be admitted to a hospital for a week. He said, "Staying at a hospital in a foreign country is scary. Especially I worried about a needle of injection" I agree with you. But... I've never stayed at a hospital in Vietnam. Nor did I see a doctor in Vietnam. After that he felt he doesn't wanna be in such a terrible place and flied to Greece. Greece was so great as a honeymoon, he said. Anyway he looked so fine!

I was really surprised and happy to hear that this blog is read by his father and bookmarked on a computer of his company... hahaha Thank you very much.


10 25, 2009

I'm so lucky! I might be able to get US$2.56M.. I got an E-mail in my Gmail box as below,


こんにちは。シンガポール開発銀行でAccount Officerを務めているDavid Wongです。




Mr. David Wong

Good day,

I am Mr.David Wong, Trained and working as an Account Officer for the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS).

I write to contact you about a foreigner bearing the same name as yours, who died here in Singapore, over a decades ago leaving behind an estate/capital US$12.8M here in Development Bank of Singapore.

However, the Investor died intestate, no next-of-kin, nobody came forward all these years to lay claim of the inheritance. I have decided to work with you to secure the funds, and propose 20% offer for you. If you are interested, you are advised to email me through my private email wong.david77@yahoo.com.sg the following information stated below:-


Upon hearing from you, I will unfold more details and how to commence in the transaction.

Best regards,

Mr. David Wong


Who's going to be deceived by this kind of silly mail ?

Cardboard Love

10 13, 2009
I found a lovey website. It made me feel happy and smile. It is a bit embarrassed..

I'd like to buy you the world. But all I can afford right now is words on cardboard.


I'm not going to say I love you because today is valentine's day.
(I'm going to say it because today is Saturday.) I love you.


Above all, to whom should I send this kind of cardboard? FML

Cardboard Love


10 09, 2009

仕事を終え21時32分の電車に乗るために21時半に駅についた。次発の表示が22時2分になってる。なんで?32分の電車はどこへ行ったのか。なんでなんで?白髪のとぼけたオーラの駅員に理由を尋ねる。「台風の影響でね。ダイヤを調整するためにねぇ。えぇ。まびいとるんですよ。」 は?なんで?なんでなんでなんでなんで?全然意味不明。電車って”まびく”ものなのか。思わず、「なんでまびくん?」って口から出た。いろいろ説明してたけど全然納得いかんかった。



I arrived at the station after my work at 21:30 to get on a train would leave at 21:32. However an electronic billboard was showing "next train - 22:02". Why? Where has my 21:32 train gone? Why? Why? I asked what's hapening. A station staff with gray hair told us that "We have thin out it... you know, to adjust the time talbes" Ha? Why? why? why? I couldn't understand it. Only the way of choosing Japanese word was cool! I had nothing but asked him "Why did you thin out it? His flustered explanation couldn't convince me at all.


10 09, 2009

I got to the station to commute to work at 9 am this morning. Trains had been all delayed due to coming typhoon. I had to wait for 2 hours and half at the fast-food shop and then for 40 minutes on a platform of the station. Finally I was being packed into the so crowded train. I couldn't move at all with my hands touching a hip of a middle-age man. FML


When you feel unmotivated on your work

10 08, 2009
What do you do when you feel unmotivated on your work by any possibility?

Eveybody seems to have this kind of problems and must have different solutions.

In my case, I will
- take a nap in a rest room.
- reread my notebooks
- talk to someone next to me
- check news
- get the noids

Anyway, I think I would like to share more about this kind of solution.



- トイレで仮眠
- ノートを見なおす
- だれかと喋る
- ニュースをチェックする
- 妄想する


India flooding

10 05, 2009

Scores killed in India flooding


The south India has been flooded. I'm in charge of a kind of the program supporting developping countries including India. The same program was put off in June due to swine flu, too. Also there was an earthquake in Sumatra. This year may be a year of disaster. I'm not sure how it is statistically...

How to spoon ?

09 24, 2009

Nichiki market in Kyoto. The trip this time reminded me I had loved Kyoto so much. The best season for Kyoto has come. I wanna visit again soon. What made me so impressed? Um.. you know all of roads in Kyoto are set out in a grid-like pattern. Each road has each countenance on it. For example, in a shopping street like Nichiki market there are so many people who are familiy, tourists, school students etc. The street is bustling with excitement. But you can feel very silence and walk on a street of old town Kyoto when you are just two or three streets away from the main shopping street. Anyway, I feel kind of I have to visit there soon.



Osaka. I ate Makuwauri (I don't know what it's called in english) for the first time at Kitahorie. It was like unmatured melon. Sliced tomato and fried figs were also good.

A topic you choose

09 13, 2009

The story that I felt "I get it". To talk about the topic your listener can be interested in .


This is when I went to Osaka and had an opportunity to talk to university students in order to help recruiting activities of my company. My task as a young employee was talking to undergraduate students and answering their questions. At the beginning we said, "Please feel free to ask me anything!". But they didn't ask so many questions and I had to just talk one-sided. I sometimes asked them some questions but they just replied only about what I had asked. Our conversation was very very slow. Well, I can understand a kind of their feeling. If I were them, I could not know what I should talk there and might wonder if I could ask anything about the company.


I had told the boss this story and then he told me, "That is similar to situations in the company. You would experience much more that kind of situations if you got promotion." and "
The more you seriously try to tell something, the more your subordinates just look at you with their jaws dropped.


The important things here is a topic. You know, what topic you will begin with. The way of talking would be a little bit technically difficult. Topic is easier and more effective to use. How do you begin with the topic your listener can be interested in. First of all, you will get your listeners' interests and then they can take part in the conversation. You can communucate with them after they get interested in your topic.


I thouht this is very important for us in the case that it is a bit difficult for us to frankly communicate with because of the invisible wall between an undergraduate student & a recruitment staff, a superior & a subordinate and a students & a teacher.


The picture I took in Turkey. Before we get on the balloon early morning. So cold.

The amount of information depends on language

09 11, 2009

The amount of idea with 140 charaters on Twitter is completely different because the amount of information in one character is different between japanese and english.

Chinese character(Kanji) undoubtedly makes the above possible. Thanks chinese for your invention! In addition to Kanji has more information in a character than alphabet, it's also flexible to combine other characters and would be able to create new words. There is an english word which is originally from chinese. For example, 「洗脳」= brainwashing.

This article reminds me of the conversation that I talked to people of Korean trading company in Osaka a month ago. "It's very hard to read newspaper written in Hangul letters" they said. I couldn't imagine that. They also told me, " Imagine newspaper written only in Hiragana". Oh, I got it. And if so, there would be a pile of hiragana on the newpaper. Hangul was promulgated by the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty, Sejong the Great. Before that, Korean people also used to use chinese characters. Korea connects to China by land. Korean might have been averse to using chinese characters. On the other hand, by comparison, Japan, is across the sea, naturalized chinese characters and created their own style. I think Japanese might be good at that kind of naturalizing foreign cultuers and creating something new...


上記のことが日本語で可能なのは、間違いなく漢字のおかげ。中国人、漢字を発明してくれてありがとう。漢字は1文字が持っている情報量が多いうえに他の文字と組み合わせることで無限に単語を創出できる。深いくせにフレキシブル。中国語からできた英語もあるくらいよくできている。「洗脳」=brainwashing とか。


If you cannot swim, you would rather go down...

09 04, 2009

ファーストリテイリング 売上高5兆円構想、世界中に「ユニクロ」大量出店

- - - Excerpt from Fashionsnap.com 2009.09.03 15:14 - - -


GAP(米)             1兆4000億円
インディテックス(ZARA)(西) 1兆3000億円
H&M(瑞)             1兆1000億円
リミテッド・ブランズ(米)          9000億円
ロス・ストアーズ(英)            6000億円
ファーストリテイリング(日)          5500億円


というのも、中国13億人、インド11億人の人々の中で今現在GAP、H&M、ユニクロのようなファストファッション服を着ている人の割合なんておそらく都心に住んでいる人オンリーで、残りの人は所得も低くファッションとかではなくとりあえず着れる服を着ている人がまだまだ多い。この”とりあえず着れる服”層の所得が上がってきたら、次に彼ら彼女らが購入するのは間違いなく低価格のファストファッションだと思う。そもそもGAPでもH&Mでもユニクロでも安いアイテムなら1000円以下で手に入る。10年もすれば、ユニクロ買える生活レベルになる人の数は中国、インド合わせただけでも7億人くらいは軽くいくのでは? プラス、タイ、インドネシア、ベトナム、マレーシアも当然国ごと豊かになってアパレル市場の規模としては拡大するし。





I'm a hungry spider

08 24, 2009

はんぐりーすぱいだー。何回見ても不思議なPV。しかも何回も見てしまうのはなぜ。。。 最後のシーン最高。

Hungry spider. No matter how many times I have watched this PV, it is very mysterious PV. And I couldn't help but watch it again, why? I like the last scene.

I'm a hungry spider
You're a Beautiful Butterfly
If because it's not meant to be
And this passion I must throw
I'll devour only all the love which
In my web comes by
And I'll swear to let that
Beautiful girl go


08 19, 2009

I have a bad habit and I cannot fall asleep till 2 a.m. I hope to go to sleep at 0:00 and get up at 5:00 if I sleep for same 5 hours. And then I also hope to get my office at 7:00 and leave there at 16:00. I could do what I love after five everyday. Actually this working style would be very difficult. If I leave my office so early, someone would say "You leave office too early!". An amount of working time is all the same. You can get your office early or lately and also can leave your office or work overtime as freely as possible under FMS(Flexible Working Hours.) But once titled "Free man", you can get a lot of work increasingly. I have gradually realized that a technique of doing well is important skill for us.


Nobody fed it

08 18, 2009


プライベートでは、いつも両腕に腕時計をつけている。理由は「Classicを追い求めているため」というよくわからないもの。なお別の番組では理由を「ボディバランスを保つため」と語っていたが、これは本人によれば「ボケたつもりがツッコミを入れられず流されてしまった」ものだという。from Wikipedia

Keisuke Honda is fantastic! His play is so impressive even just watching on youtube. He has an amazing shooting strength. There were many goals by his middle shot to which the goalkeepers could do nothing but just looked at. The following is excerpt from Japanese wikipedia. The explanation is funny.

He always wears wristwatches on both of his wrists off the field. This is because "To pursue the classic style" , which is hard to undestand. And he also explained on another TV program that is because "To keep my body balance." , which is a joke he had attempted to make but nobody fed it, he said.

Bowing dog

08 15, 2009
I will go to Umeda to eat something.

What's your name?

08 07, 2009

Onosaka Naoki. That is my real name.

your real japanese name generator!

Juice the Jam

08 05, 2009

I woke up at 6 AM this morning. And then I registered my ID to ALC, took a shower and did a laundry. It's sunny today. I am going to be taught Vietnamese by a Vietnamese. I can't wait...

Toi thuc day 6 gio sang nay. Sau do toi dang ky vao ALC va tam ....How may ...Toi nay toi se hoc tieng Viet voi ngoui Viet. Toi knong doi duoc.

Kuwana, Mie prefecture where we enjoyed BBQ

The slow Saturday

08 01, 2009

So much water is falling from the sky. I don't wanna get out of home. It's 2 p.m. on the slow Saturday.

Scary story

07 24, 2009


This story is so scary. Too scary... I will count stairs of two-story apartment when I might live at.

Sustainability Index

07 23, 2009

July 2009 Milestone Meeting - Sustainability Index
Thursday, July 16, 2009
Mike Duke, president and CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., discusses our progress with measuring sustainability, and how we will work with others to create a new retail standard for the 21st century with a Sustainability Index.

Walmart Announces Sustainable Product Index


We do not see this as a trend that will fade. Higher customer expectations are a permanent part of the future,” Duke continued. “At Walmart, we’re working to make sustainability sustainable, so that it’s a priority in good times and in the tough times. An important part of that is developing the tools to help enable sustainable consumption.”

One way to reach TOEIC900 without any investment

07 19, 2009
One way to reach TOEIC900 without any investment

Reading ⇒ Fmylife, wikipedia

Listening ⇒ TED

Writing ⇒ Lang-8

Vocabulary ⇒ smart.fm


Today, I was meeting the mayor of a major city as part of an internship program. Seated directly in front of him during his presentation on the budget crisis, he unleashed an enormous, foul fart in front of the entire audience. And then blamed it on me, everyone believed him. FML


He or she?

07 01, 2009
How can I call it in english. Transvestite, who is a person, especially a man, who enjoys dressing as a member of the opposite sex? Gay, especially men who sexually attracted to people of the same sex? Homosexual ? Bisexual? New half?(I think this word is japanese). I'm not sure which english word is the most suitable to define them. Anyway they are quite talkative and often say blue jokes or dirty talks. Some of them are more beautiful than girls. They have beautiful skin and breasts. I was so impressed by her facial expression which is the middle between smile and bashfulness on the stage. Her sensitive facial expression was enough to prove that he is biologically man but she is originally woman. Some of them are not so cute. Exactly men... I think eveybody can enjoy it. There were unexpectedly some groups who are only women.

How to moon walk ?

06 29, 2009
Michael Jackson dies at 50. I was shocked at the news. When I was an undergraduate, we often watched his DVD playing mah-jong overnight. I watched DVD again. It's too cooooooooooooool even now!!! And it's a bit impressive in DVD that his color is gradually changed into white from his original black. I don't care about whether he is white or black but I'm sure fifty is too early to die. May his soul rest in peace.


06 25, 2009


A friend of mine told me he has been unable to forget the ex but to still love her. It's almost 2 years since they broke up. He's still felt pain. Listening to him, I got to kind of envy him. Long time no feeling like that kind of... How many times do you experience that kind of "blind love" in your life?
Everyone must be thinking "I will be able to have so many experiences like this in my future." when you are 20. But later on, you would be noticed that those experiences are very rare. Haruki Murakami told so maybe in his novel Sputnik. I want him to do his best as possible as he can. The photo: Phu Quoc island in Vietnam.
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