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Happy birthday!

11 30, 2009

We went to the birthday party of Hanako, Jossy and Sarah held at ESTADIO 26 on Saturday. It was so happy atomosphere. The funniest thing was that when a girl won a present of bingo game for the first time, everybody said "What's the present she won?" but only Matt said "She won a dogfood!!!!". I couldn't stop laughing. I think he has a sense of humor!!

Also, I liked a clothe that Jossy was putting on. It's like Japanese Kimono and cool! She bought it at Ohsu where I can go within 5 minutes by bicycle.

Tracy and Daniel told me "We don't have opportunities to speak Japanese. At school, Japanese teachers talk to me in English or do not talk a lot. Actually few Japanese friends." Mottainai.
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Rich strawberry

11 25, 2009
I love this. This tastes rich strawberry.

I got through a big meeting that kicks off the new project today. Although actually this is the beginning of the project but I got released a bit from pressure as a presenter. I'm drinking hi-ball now.

Much of what I stumbled into by following my curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless later on.
Steve Jobs

Pearl milk tea

11 24, 2009
Taiwanese beef noodle

I ate a Taiwanese beef noodle for lunch when I went to Taiwan. Taiwanese beef noodle is said to be spicy but actually it was not so hot. Japanese Taiwan noodle in Japan is much hotter than genuine Taiwanese noodle in Taiwan!!! But I loved distinctive taste of Taiwanese beef noodle that I've never eaten and cannot eat in Japan.

Pearl milk tea in Taiwan

After lunch, we dropped in and bought a cup of pearl milk tea which is famous as Taiwanese famous beverage. A cup was huge!!! And there were too many tapioca in it. We drank it so much that we got full during the meeting...
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11 22, 2009

TOEIC ABILITIES MEASURED から誤答数を換算できるblogを発見しました。

L 100 89 95 93
R 72 87 68 81 96

L 6問間違い
R 20問間違い


文書の中の情報をもとに推測できる ▲5
文書の中の具体的な情報を見つけ理解できる ▲2
ひとつの文書の中でまたは複数の文書間でちりばめられた情報を関連付けることができる ▲6
語彙が理解できる ▲6
文法が理解できる ▲1

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Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino

11 22, 2009
Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino with bacon.

I've got a skill to be able to cook a good spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino to some extent. Aglio means garlic, olio means olive oil and peperoncino means chili pepper in Italian. The point is to add some water which had been used for boiling spaghetti into sauce with stir-fried garlics, hot peppers & bacons. Beer amazingly complements this littile bit hot peperoncino.


11 21, 2009

I got 870 points of TOEIC which was held last month. It was not that I was confident of getting over 900 but I'm shocked at just only 30 to reach 900. Why couldn't I try to do my best? I could have achieved 900, if I had been able to much more concentrate on the test. Or, was that my best? orz Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

As for the detail of 870, 480 in listening section and 390 in reading section. This result also has surprised me. Listening is a field that I have seen as a big challenge to me. However the result was 480, which is almost perfect scince the full score is 495. On the other hand, although I thought I'm not so bad at reading, but 390 was lower than I expected. But this gives me a kind of tip this time.

First, I study to quicker answer in reading section espeically in part 7. I thought part 7 was a little bit difficult this time and made me confused and spend much time to fill out a mark sheet. Second, I improve my vocabulary & grammar. This is a quite simple way and might be a boring way. But nothing but I improve my vocabulary. Basic is important. It will help me quickly getting correct answers in stack of question only for two hours.

Anyway, I'm happy with 480 in the listening section.
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Lang-8 needs 1812 people to move into the black

11 19, 2009



Anyone who wants to learn foreign language with native speaker, please utilize Lang-8!!!
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What we think about after ICS

11 15, 2009
Sausage bread

Animal bread

I went to a cooking school at 9:30 this morning. A teacher, who looks around 50 years old, was a sweet woman. The atmosphere during cooking was so slow & loose. I liked it. After cooking, we went to pipin cafe where you can go with your dog, actually we didn't have any dog or any animal, and talked a lot about us these days.

Apparently all of us are almost satisfied with private stuffs these days. Although we were complaining about several things, but we know we can enjoy spending our time doing a kind of stupid that we're interested in.

On the other hand, we are not satisfied with our jobs. Does everybody have this kind of dissacisfaction as below... ? We have to think more.

To be honest, have never felt that your job is interesting.

You are taking your eyes away from the fact that you're not satisfied with your job because your salary, the amount of days off, workload, human relationship, or atmosphere in your company are not so bad rather than we feel those are better than average.

Main job at a head quarters in Japan of Japanese manufacturer is "Adjustment". It is difficult to experience doing business on front line. It takes a long time to be on the front line due to the basis of seniority.

We are worried about our growth is much slower than people who have worked for three years belonging to venture companies or sales department.

Joining major company = Guaranteed lifetime employment
Is this a forepassed paradigm? If yes, being at where it's hard for you to improve your skill or career seems to be quite risky.

You cannot go forward unless you do what you had left to do. Also, you turned older, it would be harder for you to recover in terms of time constraint.

ICS(Inaba Cooking School) holds once two months. I hope this could be a good opportunity not only for improving cooking skill but also thinking of our career.

The Goal

11 15, 2009


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Taiwanese beef noodle

11 14, 2009
Taiwanese beef noodle
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11 14, 2009
Osakayaki = Okonomiyaki in Taiwan

Beef soup & Taiwan beer

I met three Taiwanese this time. All of them were technical experts and fuluent in English. In Japan, technical people usually cannot speak English even if they can read. In terms of this point, Asian people especially in developing countries who can speak English are competitive than other countries. Because their salary are much lower than its in Japan, USA and EU. Their skills are not so low and sometimes higher than developed countries.

Garment industry has been shited from a country to a country. There were many garment factories in Japan several decades ago. But now few factories in Japan. Clothes, used to be produced in Japan, firstly shifted to production in Korea and Taiwan and then shifted to China. Now there is a tendency to shift to India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam where labor cost is cheaper than China.

Cost shifts job from A country to B country. Is this furmula saying only about garment industry? I think "NO".

In case of garment industry, factories shift to low-cost countries. On the other hand, in case of other industry, low-cost people shift to developed countries. People who are born in developing countries, have excellent skills and want to get higher salary move to Japan, USA or EU. Companies in developed countries want to hire lower-cost human resources.

For example, Japanese companies have begun to recruit foreign people in Japan as "Global human resource" or something like that. I'm afraid that this tendency will possibly and gradually deprive Japanese people of their jobs. But I also think it's quite fair. Regardless of where you were born, your nationality, in which country you live now or which language you speak, excellent-skilled people can get higher salary.

So what I think arts people(文系) in Japan have to get, besides English, of course, is special skill or knowledge like finance. What science people(理系) in Japan have to get is English. Otherwise we cannot survive. This may seem to be a big story. But I'm sure we would be suffering from foreign labor force in the near future unless we get superior ability.

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Sri Lanka

11 13, 2009

I saw an elephant at a temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Sri Lankan Lion Beer

I just got to Nagoya. I feel it's colder in Japan as it was comfortable tempreture in Taiwan. It was not not and not cold.

This was my first time to visit Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a developing country as I expected. Traffic condition is quite similar to Vietnam. Many cars often honk horns whenever they try to pass other cars. But Vietnam has been developed much more than Sri Lanka. There are still some army at several places in Colombo city. Sri Lankan are very pure. Foods are very tasty especially fishes as Sri Lanka is an island country.

I met two Sri Lankan this time. One is quite smart and often go abroad to do business with other companies. The other is talkative, has no ear for someone's idea and irresponsible. I couldn't believe what a irresponsible attitude with that guy ... I don't want to be the latter.

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11 13, 2009

11:Nagoya⇒ wait for 2 hours at Hong Kong⇒ wait for 2 hours at Singapore⇒ Clombo
13:Left Colombo at 2:00AM⇒ wait for 1 hour in airplane at Banglok⇒ wait for 2hours at Hong Kong ⇒ Taiwan
15:Taiwan⇒ Nagoya

My itinerary is quite tight this time. I do not have time to do something special like shopping or sightseeing... FML

The above pictures are taken at Changi airport in Singapore. That was so beautiful and easy to access to internet. This time I think airport should be more interesting, exciteing, or a kind of entertainment place. You can watch movies, play tennis with strangers coming from foreign countries, learn how to cook ethnic or traditional foods of each country, learn easy phases in that country's language, go to club or bar(not a boring premium lounge) to communicate with people coming from each countries, or etc. Waiting, reading books, eating and connecting internet are little bit boring.
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Autumn long night with Kingfisher

11 08, 2009

My superviser gave me a couple of cans of Kingfisher as an souvenir of his business trip in India, saying "The worst beer in the world". Apparently it is because water in India is not so good. But actually I like Kingfisher. Red label is 8% of alcohole. Green one is 5%. Kingfisher is a beer company at the same time is an airline company. They provide good service and foods with discount ticket. Flight attendants wear bright red uniform and miniskirt. Bunpei went to India. So did my sister last week.

Ha, I wanna fly to India.

Thinking of that kind of things, suddenly decided to go on a business trip to Sri Lanka. I don't know what it's like... well known as Ceylon tea, Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is a capital city, Bogala mine, pencil lead, or Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. Actually garment accounts for NO.1 of export of Sri Lanka. There are some state-of-the-art garment factories. They have been quite advanced in terms of its scale and technique. But you can see elephants on the way to those factories. What a big gap between advanced technology and elephants in frond of factories... anyway I'm looking forward to seeing elephants. But my mission is a little bit tough this time. orz




Chocolate phone

11 08, 2009

I bought an chocolate phone about two years ago. Chocolate phone had been said to be very famous and popular one all over the world at that time. I thought its design is simple and cool. So I bought it. However usability of chocolate phone was too bad. Too slow response when you push touch panels on an above part of a phone. It has been often frastlating me. Besides, although I thought its design was so cool that it is popular worldwide, but it was not so popular in Japan... I guessed that Japanese people might not like electric appliances made by Korean manufacturers like LG or Samsung. Now I want i-phone as next one... because it enables me to watch youtube at anytime & anywhere. I think i-phone is one of truely ubiquitous items.

The Antarctic cook

11 01, 2009


I watched The Antarctic cook. A story about people working in Antarctica where no creatures including bacteria can survive under 54 degrees below zero. All of them has great charactaristics. It was a heartwarming film. Dishes look very tasty. I will start cooking again.
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Halloween party

11 01, 2009
Yasu, Motty, Hanako

I went to the Halloween party at Mongol restaurant in Sakae. There were over 30 people. Most of them were disguising themselves as witch, ghost, panther, gachapin, santa or reindeer atc... Yasu, Motty and I went to LOFT to buy our costumes before the party. I chosed a reindeer. Yasu chosed... I don't know as you can see the picture. Motty chosed a Jason mask. Hanako was MVP as I expected. Take a look at the right-positioned person on the picture. Her face is not a mask. She was wearing face powder...

I drank too much and I had a hangover this morning... currently I too often go drinking. NO MONEY now. I have to save money to survive.
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