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I'm a hungry spider

08 24, 2009

はんぐりーすぱいだー。何回見ても不思議なPV。しかも何回も見てしまうのはなぜ。。。 最後のシーン最高。

Hungry spider. No matter how many times I have watched this PV, it is very mysterious PV. And I couldn't help but watch it again, why? I like the last scene.

I'm a hungry spider
You're a Beautiful Butterfly
If because it's not meant to be
And this passion I must throw
I'll devour only all the love which
In my web comes by
And I'll swear to let that
Beautiful girl go


08 19, 2009

I have a bad habit and I cannot fall asleep till 2 a.m. I hope to go to sleep at 0:00 and get up at 5:00 if I sleep for same 5 hours. And then I also hope to get my office at 7:00 and leave there at 16:00. I could do what I love after five everyday. Actually this working style would be very difficult. If I leave my office so early, someone would say "You leave office too early!". An amount of working time is all the same. You can get your office early or lately and also can leave your office or work overtime as freely as possible under FMS(Flexible Working Hours.) But once titled "Free man", you can get a lot of work increasingly. I have gradually realized that a technique of doing well is important skill for us.


Nobody fed it

08 18, 2009


プライベートでは、いつも両腕に腕時計をつけている。理由は「Classicを追い求めているため」というよくわからないもの。なお別の番組では理由を「ボディバランスを保つため」と語っていたが、これは本人によれば「ボケたつもりがツッコミを入れられず流されてしまった」ものだという。from Wikipedia

Keisuke Honda is fantastic! His play is so impressive even just watching on youtube. He has an amazing shooting strength. There were many goals by his middle shot to which the goalkeepers could do nothing but just looked at. The following is excerpt from Japanese wikipedia. The explanation is funny.

He always wears wristwatches on both of his wrists off the field. This is because "To pursue the classic style" , which is hard to undestand. And he also explained on another TV program that is because "To keep my body balance." , which is a joke he had attempted to make but nobody fed it, he said.

Bowing dog

08 15, 2009
I will go to Umeda to eat something.

Whiskey : Soda = 1 : 3

08 13, 2009

This is my boom.

How to make a good highball by Koyuki

①Put chunks of ice into your glass.
②Pour a suitable amount of whiskey in your glass.
③Pour triple the amount of soda onto it. Whiskey : Soda = 1 : 3
④Mix it up once with a muddler.
⑤Squeeze a lemon if you like.

Cabbage with sesame oil & salt

08 13, 2009
This is my boom.
①You just cut cabbage into size you like.
②And then sauce the cabbages with sesame oil and sprinkle salt on them.

Step-by-step acuisitions.

08 13, 2009

I will on leave from 13 Aug. to 17 Aug in my summer holiday and resume on 18 Aug. I'm really happy with it and going back to Osaka. I'm looking forward to meeting my brother Kotetsu. This time I won't go home by Z. I still don't get used to driving it. orz

I will have a drink with a kind of our customer who is a Korean dealer in Osaka tomorrow. I'm looking forward to hearing about Korean business. The Korean garment industry has shrunk like in Japan due to its labor cost. But I think they still have much experience in this industry. And this is not my job at all. I mean "Visiting privately". And then I'll meet my childhood friend and his wife. They have just got married and we'll celebrate their wedding maybe in my small room or someplace.

No plan.

I wanna go to eat Motsunabeya or something special in Osaka.

Back to Nagoya.

No plan. Maybe go to autobacks.

I feel I don't need so much time to spend writing what I wanna say in english than before. A year ago, it often took 30 minutes to write only two or three sentences in english. I can write faster than before now. My english must have improved gradually. Step-by-step acuisitions.
The photo is a sunrise this morning.
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What's your name?

08 07, 2009

Onosaka Naoki. That is my real name.

your real japanese name generator!

Juice the Jam

08 05, 2009

I woke up at 6 AM this morning. And then I registered my ID to ALC, took a shower and did a laundry. It's sunny today. I am going to be taught Vietnamese by a Vietnamese. I can't wait...

Toi thuc day 6 gio sang nay. Sau do toi dang ky vao ALC va tam ....How may ...Toi nay toi se hoc tieng Viet voi ngoui Viet. Toi knong doi duoc.

Kuwana, Mie prefecture where we enjoyed BBQ

Twitter or monologue ?

08 04, 2009

seems to be lacking its interesting point as long as friends of yours are not using it. Even if you twitter "I'm in Osaka. Anybody here?", unless under a situation that your friend often checks Twitter with a cell phone, it will end up to be just a kind of monologue.

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What creates your energy?

08 01, 2009
I read an interesting idea in the book, as below.

How to sustain your motivation? Human has a difficulty in motivating ourselves. This is because the structure of your brain has been built like so. And the author thinks it is important to understand what creates energy of human in order to sustain your motivation.

What creates energy of human ?

③Feeling "I love bla bla bla"

Most of successful people have some huger complex than usual. And because complex is negative feeling so it is easy to be exploded.

Appetite, money, material desire, aphrodisia and hunger for fame. Desire of human is no limit. There are many people who have much desires in the advertising industry. Those who curiously buy anything new. Those who are dying for food & drink. Those who crazily love women. While, in contrast, the opposite of those kind of people strongly desiring something is NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

③Feeling "I love bla bla bla"
This is simple and naturally positive feeling. I love this. I wanna do what I love. Anybody else cannot interrupt your feeling toward what you love.

The rain has stopped now. I gotta go...
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The slow Saturday

08 01, 2009

So much water is falling from the sky. I don't wanna get out of home. It's 2 p.m. on the slow Saturday.
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