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Transfomers 2

07 30, 2009

Transfomers is so cool! It reminds me I played toys of Transfomers in my childhood. Even now when I have been grown-up, still I think it is cool. I wish this kind of robot stuff like Transfomers, Gundam or Eva would be realized in some ways or another sometime in our future even if they are not practical products. If robots were as sofisticated as those in the film, they must be enough to be practical. Anyway this is a dream of mankind.

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07 29, 2009

I stayed at Nagoya in this short summer holiday and spend a slow life. I read 1Q84(it should have been 1Q83), drink with my friends outside of the company, attended the farewell party of my older friend, played tennis, cleaned up my room thoroughly and cooked Okonomi-yaki. My memo.
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Scary story

07 24, 2009


This story is so scary. Too scary... I will count stairs of two-story apartment when I might live at.

Sustainability Index

07 23, 2009

July 2009 Milestone Meeting - Sustainability Index
Thursday, July 16, 2009
Mike Duke, president and CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., discusses our progress with measuring sustainability, and how we will work with others to create a new retail standard for the 21st century with a Sustainability Index.

Walmart Announces Sustainable Product Index


We do not see this as a trend that will fade. Higher customer expectations are a permanent part of the future,” Duke continued. “At Walmart, we’re working to make sustainability sustainable, so that it’s a priority in good times and in the tough times. An important part of that is developing the tools to help enable sustainable consumption.”

One way to reach TOEIC900 without any investment

07 19, 2009
One way to reach TOEIC900 without any investment

Reading ⇒ Fmylife, wikipedia

Listening ⇒ TED

Writing ⇒ Lang-8

Vocabulary ⇒ smart.fm


Today, I was meeting the mayor of a major city as part of an internship program. Seated directly in front of him during his presentation on the budget crisis, he unleashed an enormous, foul fart in front of the entire audience. And then blamed it on me, everyone believed him. FML


from Pamplona

07 15, 2009

I got a post card from Pamplona. You know Pamplona is known well worldwide as a city where the San Fermin festival, also called Running of the bulls festival, is taken place. When I was browsing youtube, I found a Japanese TV program which shows about Runnig of the bulls festival. In this TV program, Running of the bulls festival is being considered as the most dangerous festival in the world. It seems to be very interesting and excited! I strongly wanna go to Pamplona, Spain to take part in the festival.

Running of the bulls festival 1/3
Running of the bulls festival 2/3

Running of the bulls festival 3/3
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07 15, 2009

I was off today and went to a Vietnamese restaurant. I have forgot Vietnamese a lot... A servant there was surprised by my Vietnamese and gave me 10 pieaces of coupon. I was lucky with that. It has made me think I have to restudy Vietnamese.

Toi nghi lam va da di an mon an VN. Toi quen tieng Viet nhieu... Nhan vien o do da nghe tieng Viet toi va gac nhien. Chi ay cho me ve giam gia. Noi la "Den lai nhe". Toi may man. Toi phai hoc lai tieng Viet.


Tengu Brand

07 12, 2009
tengu brand
I got this food as a birthday present from my friend. So hot, too hot! This is good for beer!!


07 11, 2009

Oh no! She's fuckin' cute...
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hot pepper pip pepper pi pepper pepper pip pe poppy...

07 07, 2009

Hot pepper pip pepper pi pepper pepper pip pe poppy...
I get this melody stuck in my head. And her characteristics are so cute...too cute...
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07 06, 2009

Many people were queueing in front of FOREVER 21 that has just opened recently. But I thought FOREVER 21 is not so cool. I prefer H&M and UNIQLO in terms of design. Clothe of FOREVER 21 look dweeby. The cloths of T-shirts of FOREVER 21 are so sheer that you can see your skin over T-shirt in case of white one. And its design are unable to be called "cool". I found in H&M that cheaper knit items are made in Bangladesh and a little bit expensive stuffs are in Turkey.
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07 06, 2009

I've turned 26. Just unbelievable. Time goes by so fast.

I was working overtime on 3 July last year because a small trouble suddenly happened and we called a meeting to deal with it at that time.

3 July 2009 was more greater I think. I got up early in the morning and we had a breakfast at a cafe near our domitory with ENDARei, Kent and Motty. Talking about the losers in our society... and then I went to the office and worked. After working, we began to drink at 19:00 at Kariya with my boss and coworkers. I got a birthday cake there and celebrated. So happy. I had to go back home ASAP cuz I wanted to get the bus bound for Tokyo at 23:30... I found it not so uncomfortable in the night bus. I could sleep well. Maybe I was very tired and my body was eager to sleep. After sleeping for a while, I got at Tokyo station at 6:30...
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He or she?

07 01, 2009
How can I call it in english. Transvestite, who is a person, especially a man, who enjoys dressing as a member of the opposite sex? Gay, especially men who sexually attracted to people of the same sex? Homosexual ? Bisexual? New half?(I think this word is japanese). I'm not sure which english word is the most suitable to define them. Anyway they are quite talkative and often say blue jokes or dirty talks. Some of them are more beautiful than girls. They have beautiful skin and breasts. I was so impressed by her facial expression which is the middle between smile and bashfulness on the stage. Her sensitive facial expression was enough to prove that he is biologically man but she is originally woman. Some of them are not so cute. Exactly men... I think eveybody can enjoy it. There were unexpectedly some groups who are only women.
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