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1Q84 BOOK3

04 29, 2010

Today I finished to read the book 3 of 1Q84. Actually I thought when I finished to read the book 2 that although it was vague but the story has ended in the book 2 cuz I often feel that kind of unclear stuffs in Haruki Murakami's works after reading. So the launch of book 3 surprised me a lot. I had bought a book 1 & 2 so I had not choice but purchased a book 3 almost impulsively. Every morning I read it on a crowded train. I like reading a book on a train. Especially on a crawded train which usually irritates people. That makes me forget about I'm on a crowded train. Anyway I have finised it today.

Of course that is not true story in this world, I mean that is a fiction. But there are some realistic aspects in the story like a NHK collector or a religious organization. Also what is different from other works of Haruki Murakami is that there are two protagonists this time. Usually a protagonist is one person in his works. The story of 1Q84 is written from two perspectives of Tengo & Aomame who are the protagonists. In the book 3, another perspective from Ushikawa who is also an important role in the story has been added. It must be difficult to write one story from three perspective without any contradictions.

It was interesting. I cannot imagine how this story will end in the book 4. I just felt sorry about there is few scenes of describing tasty foods. Anyway I'm looking forward to the book 4.
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Either of them killed her

02 22, 2010

I read this book this morning. The last scene was so complicated. That's why I hadn't been able to expect who the murder is. Mr. Izumi is mentally a very strong man. His character makes a great ending of this novel which is beyond my expectation.
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Parallel world love story

02 14, 2010


I read books written by Keigo Higashino. Parallel world love story. I have thought the genre of his novels is just a kind of mystery so far. Against my expectation his novel has a factor of love. Rather, love is a key of the story. I have never read this kind of books in which not only love but also being obsessive to love someone are described. It's also new to me that those feelings motivate people in the books to kill people. Murders caused by this kind of motivation develop into a fine art.
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Get up at 4:00

01 19, 2010


I got up at six this morning for the first time in 2010. Take a look at this, the graph of Nemulog is pointing 6 o'clock for the first time. This is a small advance. I read "Get up at 4 am, everything goes well". So I want to get up at 4 tomorrow morning. Do you think "What will you do if you get up at 4 am?" I think so, too. But I would like to check whether if everything will truely go well or not tomorrow if I get up at 4 am.

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The Power of Less

01 01, 2010

This book is recommended one. I should have found this earlier. Now I want to read an original english edition.
Leo Babauta, is the author of this book, has Zen Habits as his blog.
It was named one of the Top 25 Best Blogs 2009 by TIME magazine.

-Limit, change one thing step by step

-Be accustomed to say "NO" to focus on MIT

-Begin with small, get it accustomed, check it regularly

-Simgle task in psychologically flow

-Choose MIT

-Routine every morning and night

-A shortlist you love to do

著者Leo Babauta氏のブログZen HabitsはTIME誌の25 Best Blogs 2009にも選ばれてます。





○MIT(Most important task)の設定


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The Goal

11 15, 2009


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Before breakfast

09 26, 2009

I was at my office last friday. I realized that I work overtime after 19 pm more inefficiently than usual. I think I can work hard when I'm at the office late at night. It's not true but self-satisfaction. I cannot get ahead with my work. The other hand, the morning is better. I can efficiently get ahead with my work in the morning. I want to change my lifestyle into the morning style.

I read a book writing your brain is more efficient in the morning. It was interesting.
--------------------- excerpt from 思考の整理術(ちくま文庫) 外山滋比古 -----
There is a word "朝飯前" ("before breakfast" in literal translation. It means a piece of cake in English.) According to a dictionary, "before breakfast" means what is as easy as you can finish it before breakfast. Currently this meaning is exactly. But I suspect that the original meaning of "before breakfast" might be a little bit different. It's not "before breakfast" because it's very eay but you can easily finish up a work that is actually not so easy because you do it before breakfast, which makes you see the work very easy one. And someone called it "before breakfast". You can easily finish up anything if you do it bofre breakfast. Your brain is so efficient in the morning.



思考の整理術(ちくま文庫) 外山滋比古

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What creates your energy?

08 01, 2009
I read an interesting idea in the book, as below.

How to sustain your motivation? Human has a difficulty in motivating ourselves. This is because the structure of your brain has been built like so. And the author thinks it is important to understand what creates energy of human in order to sustain your motivation.

What creates energy of human ?

③Feeling "I love bla bla bla"

Most of successful people have some huger complex than usual. And because complex is negative feeling so it is easy to be exploded.

Appetite, money, material desire, aphrodisia and hunger for fame. Desire of human is no limit. There are many people who have much desires in the advertising industry. Those who curiously buy anything new. Those who are dying for food & drink. Those who crazily love women. While, in contrast, the opposite of those kind of people strongly desiring something is NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

③Feeling "I love bla bla bla"
This is simple and naturally positive feeling. I love this. I wanna do what I love. Anybody else cannot interrupt your feeling toward what you love.

The rain has stopped now. I gotta go...
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07 29, 2009

I stayed at Nagoya in this short summer holiday and spend a slow life. I read 1Q84(it should have been 1Q83), drink with my friends outside of the company, attended the farewell party of my older friend, played tennis, cleaned up my room thoroughly and cooked Okonomi-yaki. My memo.
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Thinking to play soccer

08 14, 2008
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Short Latte, Tall Cappuccino and Grande Passion

08 14, 2008
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