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movie all night

04 27, 2010
I watched movies all night last Saturday at the Million theater. All of the movies we watched were great so I cannot sleep at all. I liked Million yen & scowling girl the best.

Ultra Miracle Love Story

Seagull Buffet

Million yen & Scowling girl
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03 28, 2010

I spent all night watching movie of Woddy Allen tonight. Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) go to Barcelona in the last summer vacation. They met an artest painter who has divorced with his wife Maria (Penelope Cruz). He invites them to go to Oviedo and enjoy sight seeing, drinking and making love. I do not that is a kind of Spanish style or not. His way of inviting is a quite direct. Even it looked cool. Vicky is a kind of person who is serious, has a fiance, never takes a risk and of course hates his too direct offer. On the other hand, Cristina is really interested in his offer. I liked the way of thinking of Vicky. Finally Vicky could not refuse his offer in Oviedo. Rather, she gradually gets interested in him. Also, finally she could not follow her intuition and what she truely wants to do.
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02 24, 2010

47 is cool!

"You know, it says here that when the male penguin meets the female penguin,
he knows in the first ten seconds whether he's gonna like her or not."

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Sayonara Itsuka

01 25, 2010
Today I took a day off and went to watch a film. Sayonara Itsuka. Actually I felt a lack of empathy that I should have had. I prefered a wife of a man, Ishida Yuriko acts, to his lover who is acted by Nakayama Miho. First this is because I just prefer Ishida Yuriko to Nakayama Miho. Second I could not find any of factors makes him fall in love with her. If I say something, she is hotter. All of the scenes shooting lives of Thailand look slow and impressive. I liked them especially the scene they are drinking beer at an Asian bar. That reminds me of the life in Vietnam. What I thought was great is that Nishijima Hidetoshi speaks Thai very well. I heard his Thai like spoken by Thai.

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Seven Pounds

01 24, 2010

pound (n)

pound(vi)(vt) どすどす歩く、打つ、叩く

A pound of flesh

From Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, in which the moneylender Shylock demanded a pound of flesh from Antonio's body if he could not pay back the money he borrowed.


日本でいう「金返せないならまぐろ漁船乗るか臓器売るか?」の臓器の方を英語でa pound of fleshということですな。Seven Poundsなので、それが7つ。過酷な映画です。でも最後感動。「幸せのちから」と同じでウィル・スミスとガブリエレ・ムッチーノ監督。

Seven Pounds is a 2008 film, directed by Gabriele Muccino. Will Smith stars as a man who sets out to change the lives of seven people. The origin of "pound" came from "a pound of flesh" of Shakespeare's Marchant of Venice as wrote above. The last scene was so impressive.
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Perfect stranger

01 11, 2010
Perfect Stranger

The final scene was amazaing. I couldn't expect that until the end. The picture is a scene the two are dating after five. The man told her that the daiquiri is very famous. Actually the daiquiri looked very tasty. Wanna drink it now.
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Transform into your avatar

01 11, 2010
This is my avatar.

You can be your own avatar from here↓
Transform into your avatar
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01 07, 2010
I do not understand this movie...orz
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01 05, 2010


Is it so addicted that you kill someone?
Two faces of the lead character seemed to be reflecting murderer's psychology.
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01 04, 2010

When I was a high school student, one day a friend of mine was trying to dance a moon walk and told me in his excitement "Michael is so cool!!! You should watch it" At that time I just laughed it off as his joke.

Two years later, I was an uni student. One day I stumbled across Michael Jackson's DVD at a music store. That reminded me of the word of my high school friend. I impulsively bought the DVD which even costs 4,000 yen almost without thinking of my wallet. It might be the first time for me to buy not-second-hand DVD.

That DVD was worth over 4,000 yen. It consists of his popular works such as " Billie Jean", "Beet it", "Bad", and "Thriller" etc... I properly watched Michael Jackson for the first time. They were all impressive. Especially body movements of Michael were beyond human. I loved and watched it again and again.

Today I watced "THIS IS IT". This movie is also like a kind of concert DVD. But this is more easrly understandabe about how personalities of Michael Jackson are. And about so many people love Michael. I felt again sorry about passing away of such a influential person.
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12 25, 2009
I watched AVATAR yesterday. I wore 3D glasses to watch it. It's a bit like Schreck at USJ OSAKA. Images and scenes in AVATAR were so amazing!! It's quite beautiful and sophisticated. I guess, just guess that more than 50 % of this film was created by computer graphics. Actually I felt no sense of discomfort against between the real world and the virtual world. Especially Navy who are native people living on the Pandora. Their face or facial expressions are almost like human even though their skin is blue and they have tails. I'd like to watch it again!

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The Antarctic cook

11 01, 2009


I watched The Antarctic cook. A story about people working in Antarctica where no creatures including bacteria can survive under 54 degrees below zero. All of them has great charactaristics. It was a heartwarming film. Dishes look very tasty. I will start cooking again.
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Transfomers 2

07 30, 2009

Transfomers is so cool! It reminds me I played toys of Transfomers in my childhood. Even now when I have been grown-up, still I think it is cool. I wish this kind of robot stuff like Transfomers, Gundam or Eva would be realized in some ways or another sometime in our future even if they are not practical products. If robots were as sofisticated as those in the film, they must be enough to be practical. Anyway this is a dream of mankind.

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The reader

06 16, 2009

I like the awkwards, the humanity and the inner strength of Hanna's character. She says "Nodody has to apologize" when Micheal said "I always apologize to you!" She is very very cool. It was painful that pure straight Micheal was treated as a kid by an adult woman Hanna. You can see it has a story even at the end of the film. A bit heavy story.

ハンナの不器用で人間臭くて芯のあるキャラが好き。マイケルが「謝るはいつもぼくばかりじゃないか」て言うと、「Nodody has to apologize」やと。かっこよい。純粋でストレートなマイケルと大人の女性な対応するハンナのやり取りが切ないです。最後までストーリーあってよかったです。でもちょっとへヴィです。
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05 20, 2009
I watched Amelie last rainy Sunday. All of so colorful and beautiful stuffs on a film made me wonder if all of french houses are composed of such fancy and cute things. I loved strongly characterized people on a film. My favorite was a guy who comes to the cafe where Amelie works for. Because he just wants to monitor his ex-girl friend who is also a cafe staff everyday. Amelie's funny prank is impressive, too. I love a story that Amelie's small funny prank are becoming a key to open her destiny. It's not just a prank but she thinks and moves by herself and then changes her life.


A friend of mine, who has gone here, said "It was so expensive!!".


I saw my ex walking with a guy who is in my company today...囧 Actually I don't pay it any mind now. But hey, hey, hey! Have you been so dying to get married? I'm sure I made a good decision!
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Da Endorphine

05 05, 2009

She is a Thai singer. Actually I cannot understand Thai. But I like her song. My sister can understand it.
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Slumdog Millionaire

04 21, 2009

スラムドッグ$ミリオネアofficial HP in japanese




Jamal, who is a slumdog in Munbai, India, is one question away from winning 20 million rupees in Indian "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" which is on TV in 80 counties all over the world. How did he do it?

A: He cheated.
B: He's lucky.
C: He's a genius
D: It is written.

A story revolves around this first question. You can see the real India and Indians powers from children struggling to their challengings. A tempo of the story is so good that it could excite you. Scenes in the movie are quite beautiful. It's describing a dynamic India. The best movie that I've seen recently. You can cry. You definitely get to be happy at the last scene. You can get a power of India. You should try Bollywood!
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Broken English

12 10, 2008


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The recruit

11 17, 2008
the recruit

So why are you here? Why are you here?
It ain't the money?
A GS-15 pay grade officer, yours truly ...
I rake in about, what,75 grade a year?
You can't buy a decent sports car for that.
It ain't sex. Hey, being here won't get you laid.
Oh, you're a dental hygienist?
I'm a member of the CIA, Moscow Station chief.
Hello. What about fame?
Our failures are khown.
Our successes .... are not.
That's the company motto.
You save the world...
They send you to some dusty basement Langlery,...
give you a little lemonade and cookies,...and show you your medal.
You don't even get to take it home.
So it ain't money, it ain't sex, it ain't fame.
What is it?
I say we are all here in this room...because we believe.
We believe in good and evil,..and we choose good.
We believe in right and wrong,...and we choose right.
Our cause is just.

What you see, what you hear...Nothin is what it seems.

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11 04, 2008

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Tokyo Sonata

11 03, 2008

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Get smart

10 13, 2008


A: Excuse me, Chief, just a thought. I'm not questioning your judgement.
M: 99, I insist on complete honesty. If you have something to say to me, I wish you would just say it.
A: Max has no experience, and I don't want him as my partner.
M: Well, that is a sucker punch to the gonads.
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The golden golden golden eggs

10 10, 2008

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Blood diamond

10 09, 2008


You sell the blood diamonds too.

Really? Tell me, how is that?

Who do you think buys the stones that I bring out? Dreamy American girls who all want a story book wedding and a big, shiny rock like the ones in the advertisements of your politically-correct magazines. So, please, don't come here and make judgments on me, all right? I provide a service. The world wants what we have, and they want it cheap. We're in business together. Get over yourself, darling.

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Freedom Writers

09 27, 2008

I did what I had to do. Because it was right.
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Winner winner chicken dinner!

06 02, 2008
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The Devil wears PRADA

04 22, 2008


The Devil wears PRADA. The struggling heroine is really cool & cute. You should watch this to get fine if you are feeling down. Although I don't get depressed in particular, I have watched this movie recently when I have time.
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The Pursuit of Happyness

01 30, 2008

Don't ever let somebody tell you, you can't do something.
Not even me, Alright?
You got a dream, you gotta protect it.
People can't do something themselves,
they wanna tell you that you can't do it.
You want something? Go get it! Period.


一方、同じウィル・スミス主演の「I am legend」については、観た人ほとんど”イマイチ”な感想言ってる。アメリカ人の英語の先生なんて、「What a stupid movie!!!」やと。やっぱりアメリカ人もハリウッド映画の全てを認めているわけじゃないのね。
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05 17, 2007











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Hotel Rwanda

02 24, 2007




If America, is the United States of America,
Then why can’t Africa, be the United States of Africa?

And if England, is the United Kingdom,
Then why can’t Africa unite all the kingdomsand become the United Kingdom of Africa?



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